Unconditional Love Workshop

Connect from within to unblock expression.

The Unconditional Love Workshop guides compassionate awareness of what blocks expression, and guides loving connection from within.

You'll uncover the inner child and cultivate new ways of relating within and with others in a safe environment. Included are yoga for deep connection, guided meditation, games, and group discussion.

You'll come away empowered to stoke the love within, and radiant as this love naturally flows out into your surroundings.

Purna PCA is partnering with Intimacy through Yoga to bring you three teachers in one workshop.

Kimberly Ky and Tenya Lee of Intimacy through Yoga offer a unique and interactive learning experience for those who strive to deepen their connection with others. Their teachings, a fusion of vastly differing backgrounds, foster a space of curiosity and compassion.

Megumi Burr-Tolliver's inhibition has been rooted in fear of how others would see her. Her journey to free the flow of expression is rooted in cultivating acceptance from within. In 2007, she began supporting others, and she currently guides individuals and groups with guided meditation and self-healing, energy healing, massage, and yoga. A co-founder of Purna PCA, her recent teachings include the Unconditional Love video channel and workshops.

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Saturday, December 8

1 - 5 pm

Union City, California

$50 donation

Donation may be made via cash, bitcoin, or paypal (additional $5 donation to cover paypal's fee).

Location details provided on registration.

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In the spirit of mutual benefit, we ask workshop participants for a $50 donation toward the mission of Purna.

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