Why is Purna a private membership association?

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In the setup we're used to in the current system, someone suffering from pain would probably feel limited in their options by their financial situation and what their insurance plan covers. There are many valuable healing modalities that are rarely or never covered by insurance. While the pain may have physical manifestations that can be suppressed by pharmaceuticals, surgery, or other allopathic treatment, that individual might experience deep healing by, for example, learning to acknowledge the deep emotional pain behind the physical manifestation.

There may be someone in their neighborhood skilled in a healing art that would support them in this healing. But because that service is not covered by their insurance plan and their finances won't allow for this out-of-pocket expense, they may not consider that option. The individual with the healing skill may have availability in their schedule to work with the individual in pain, but because there is not money to exchange, the first individual doesn't heal the root of their pain, and the second sits idle.

Even the nurses, medical staff and doctors that individual may see are limited by the current structure. Each of those individuals may have been inspired to do work to help people, and then channeled their energies into education towards and maintaining a job that will pay the bills and provide a comfortable life for themselves and their families. A nurse or doctor may have an innate ability to heal with their hands, but they may not have pursued that ability because it's not practical.

Purna's Mission creates a network and community of individuals who are creating and living their fullest expression and supporting others to do the same. This is a world where health-enhancing and life-enhancing skills and wisdom can be shared in mutual benefit, and all thrive in the fullest possible expression of their being.

We've created a Private Contract Association and Mutual Benefit Society to build that network, community and world. We've chosen this form because it gives us the freedom to create our own structures free from the strictures of the debt-perpetuating, limiting system that more and more people see is failing.

What is a Private Contract Association? Why do I need to become a member?

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We are a membership association established under our rights to privately contract and to privately and freely associate. Because members have privately contracted within Purna PCA, we are free to associate under that private contract to share our skills, wisdom, and resources to realize our fullest possible well-being and self-expression. To learn more, see “What is a Private Society?" and “What is a Private Contract Association?” as explained by Panterra D'Oro.

What do you mean by Mutual Benefit Society?

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Purna's members assist and support each other in developing and sharing guidance and practical tools towards the fulfillment of its Mission. Its activities and its members' actions within the society are guided by the intention of mutual benefit, to enhance the well-being and self-expression of members, all humanity and all life on this planet.

What are Panterra D'Oro and the Court of the Ekklesia?

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We've found the Panterra D'Oro Global Society and Panterra D'Oro Court of the Ekklesia to provide the best practical solutions and structures to support our mission.

The Panterra D'Oro Global Society is an interdependent family of societies in co-relationship with Purna. It is a Private Society within which the Purna Society and its founders hold membership. View Panterra's Declaration of Intention.

PanTerra D’Oro's Gemstone University provides extensive education and practical solutions for creating the structures to support the community and world we are creating. We encourage our members to consider membership in Panterra D'Oro and Gemstone University.

The Panterra D'Oro Court of the Ekklesia establishes a private jurisdiction free from the constraints of the debt-perpetuating, limiting system, yet able to interface with and be acknowledged by that structure. Learn more about the Court of the Ekklesia.

What does it mean to be a member of Purna PCA?

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We encourage all members to take personal responsibility in achieving optimum health for themselves and their families, which in turn will contribute to the health and vibrancy of our Society, which then, in turn, will contribute to the expanding sense of health and well-being in our world.

Members agree to be fully responsible in all aspects of our lives, to continually work towards achieving a balanced and fulfilling life expression, and to do our best in each moment to fulfill these principles, acknowledging that we are each in the process of embodying them. This is a shift from relying on medical professionals and experts to take responsibility for our health, from doing something because “my doctor wants me to” or blaming or even suing someone else when something doesn't turn out well.

This means committing to inner transformation in which we let go of putting responsibility or blame on others for one's health conditions and life situations. This does not mean allowing others to get away with harming us, and Purna's founding laws provide means for addressing any such situations within the Society with mutual respect.

Members understand and agree that all activities of the PCA are private and not of a commercial nature or in the public venue. They agree to maintain the privacy of the private matters, activities and content privately shared and provided between members within Purna. These are to maintain our structure as a Private Contract Association and jurisdiction within the Panterra D'Oro Court of the Ekklesia and directly with our Source. The Overseer of the Purna Society has taken upon herself a strict Vow of Silence with regards to such privacy, and that vow is extended to all officers and members.

Read our Member Agreement to better understand these responsibilities.

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