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Nurturing wholeness in pregnancy, postpartum, and life's journey.


Healing Modalities:

Integrative Massage

Customized massage and bodywork tailored to your specific needs. Sessions can integrate energy healing, intuitive bodywork and guided self-healing.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing
Divine light and consciousness to heal patterns that limit us emotionally, physically and energetically, and for awakening. Learn more at the VortexHealing website.
Unconditional Love Guided Self-Healing

Release and transform physical, emotional and energetic blockages, tension and pain. Guided Unconditional Love practices address healing on multiple levels. Often integrated with intuitive bodywork and energy healing.

Sessions are for:

Soothe and prevent pregnancy discomforts while supporting hormonal balance and lymphatic flow, for your and baby’s physical and emotional well-being.
Support your healing and adjustment in the weeks and months after birth by improving circulation and lymphatic flow, supporting hormonal and emotional balance, easing pains and taking some quiet time for yourself.
Labor Ready
Support your body in preparing for birth with labor acupressure points, woven into a full-body massage to reduce tensions and anxieties that can hormonally block labor. (After 38 weeks of pregnancy.)
Anyone seeking support to Nurture Wholeness

Sessions are with Megumi Burr-Tolliver.

Purna Private Contract Association (PCA)'s offerings are in a member-member relationship in a mutual benefit, Private Contract Association. Anyone can become a member, and there is no financial commitment for membership.

Purna and its offerings are open to individuals of any gender, sexuality, ethnicity, race, spirituality or religion.

  • Berkeley, California studio (Mondays noon - 7:30 pm; other times may be possible by request)
  • Fremont, California studio
  • home visit sessions (Fremont, Union City, Newark, Hayward, Castro Valley, San Leandro, Oakland and Berkeley)
  • By request, arrangements may be made for travel to members in other locations.
Session Donations

Offerings for sessions are a donation toward the mission of Purna. These are our suggestions for mutual benefit exchange. If someone is in financial challenge, we may, when booking the session, discuss a donation amount or other exchange that is mutually beneficial.

  • 60 minute: $105 donation
  • 90 minute: $135 donation
  • Home visit: Additional $35 donation (more for farther travel)
  • Purna Supporter: Support Purna's ongoing costs and growth with a larger donation. In gratitude, Megumi will offer you a greater value of her services:
    • Donate >$300 and receive 110%
    • Donate >$500 and receive 115%
    • Donate >$800 and receive 120%
    • Donate >$1000 and receive 125%

Donations may be via cash, check, bitcoin or paypal*.
*For paypal donations, we ask for an additional $5 donation to cover paypal fees.

Send a booking request, or
Text (preferred) or call 415-568-5789. Let us know what you're looking for, who the session is for, best days/times, and any questions.
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“I felt… grounded and peaceful…. Megumi has a warm, gentle, nurturing personality and really loves what she does. This shows at all levels, and makes the experience even better. ” – K.  
“Megumi is one of those individuals you meet and are instantly put at ease and feel like you’ve known her for a really long time. She is compassionate and takes the time to really focus on your needs and wants.” – Jeanne  

“Everything about the massage was excellent, Megumi was skilled, knowledgeable, supportive, warm, and professional, and I haven’t felt my sciatica pain since the massage. Fantastic!” - anonymous pregnant mama

"Megumi is very thorough and understanding. She not only knows self healing through one's own breathing, but she also understands you before you realize it. A wise soul indeed. I needed some alignment of the pelvic area. She did such gente healing that I have very little pain left. Just amazing!" - H.

"I did four sessions with [Megumi] during the various phases of my pregnancy and she was able to address my concerns every time. She is very compassionate and listens to you carefully. She has positive vibes and her touch is very relaxing. She used to always check on my healing progress and also gave me tips for my labor." - Chaman

"The week after our bodywork session, I felt great!! Really energized, yet sensitive. The last part helped me to have a internal visual process for connecting with my baby. I’ve been using it when I get those feelings of ‘Is this real?!’ Then we connect and it’s SO real!!! Also the gentle pressure really helped me to appreciate more the benefits of acknowledging the subtle. And I keep remembering that I deserve gentleness! Thanks!!!" - Ama
"Inner bodywork with Megumi borders hypnotherapy in the sense that some part of me goes away to discover something new. The only difference is there is still a strong sense of awareness. I know I am still 'here,' still in touch. "In my first session, I had the chance to “meet” my baby Mateo. I came to him for an answer, a certain kind of comfort. Mateo embraced me and told me without speech, 'Mom, I’m growing strong. Everything is as it should be: perfect.' It was a message only he could fully convey. I felt happy knowing he knew me already, the he could reassure me in this way. I felt liberated from chains of doubt, fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. "While my first session was about meeting Mateo with positivity, my second session was about togetherness. Megumi encouraged me to see and feel a stream of golden light connecting our hearts. I was soothed by this warmth. It was the ultimate reinforcement, with our 'due date' drawing near. "My prenatal bodywork sessions with Megumi serve their purpose, without question. I feel good knowing I can visit Mateo anytime I want or need to; that this golden light pulses between us every second; that we stay strong and healthy in mind, body, spirit; and that these affirming thoughts, feelings, and images will be with me through labor, transition, birth, and beyond. Together, Mateo and I build. "Thank you Megumi, for sharing with us your extraordinary sense of intuition through bodywork!" – Melissa

"My hips have been aching for weeks even after other prenatal massages and chiropractic appointment - now I'm pain free." - Donna

"I found Megumi when I had major back pain postpartum. She was very prompt in scheduling a session in my home, arrived on time and has magical hands. She helped tremendously with the [backpain] and a bonus was that it also helped with milk productions since I was a lot more relaxed after my sessions. It was too bad I didn't know about her when I was pregnant. Ladies, I highly recommend you invest in some TLC, pre and postpartum!" - Jessica

"During my online research for relief from acute pubic symphysis (PS) pain that I had been suffering for over a month I came across Megumi. Megumi suggested that she could do some therapy that other pregnant ladies said relieved their pubic bone pain. I did not care much about getting a prenatal massage - i was just desperate to get rid of the PS pain. I took the 1 hour massage. Megumi included a specific 'energy healing' therapy for my pubic bone pain and it worked wonderfully. I felt so much relief right after the session. Before the therapy even a 30 minutes walk would be painful. Next day itself my pain reduced from a 10 to 2. And since then I rarely feel it anymore! I wish i had the session earlier. "For the massage - it was relaxing. The environment was soothing. Megumi made sure that i was comfortable all the time with enough pillows all throughout the session.She also showed me some yoga postures to relieve my leg cramps and some pregnancy dance steps to relieve pain under my rib cage. "On a personal level i found Megumi very kind and compassionate. Due to my busy work schedule, I could schedule the massage appointment only after started my maternity leave and that was after a couple of weeks since we started communicating. Megumi was very prompt and patient in maintaining communication with me through text and phone call during that time." - Debopriya

®”VortexHealing” is a registered service mark of R. Weinman VH Trust. All rights reserved. Used here with permission. For more information on VortexHealing visit

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