Purna Private Contract Association

A Mutual Benefit Society

Our Mission

Purna Spiritual Society's mission is to facilitate its members' and humanity's experience of the inherent whole, complete, and perfect nature of each and every living human being on Planet Earth as well as of all Life.

We build the foundation of our Society on the basis of creating support, guidance, assistance and practical tools for our members and humanity to live Life in the fullest possible expression and to bring forth the true nature of our Divine Being and Living Presence.

These intentions are to be achieved through education, services, and the development of prototypes and templates that comprise practical tools and organizational models for individuals, families, communities and organizations to apply these in their everyday lives as well as their intended actions.

This will include the exploration of our true nature as manifested Divine Essence.

It is our intention to build a land based community as a place to gather and work together, as well as a Private Contract Association, both of which members of our Society will utilize to come together in mutual benefit and support in manifesting our mission as well as in supporting our members to move forward in realizing their own visions, purposes and intentions in like and complimentary fashion.

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We're a Private Contract Association and Mutual Benefit Society.

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